About Life Point Church

Life Point is not your typical church. It’s a place where those who are curious about Christianity can come and hear a Christian perspective on the issues of life, in a comfortable environment that does not demand any previous religious experience.

We’ve covered topics as diverse as finances, relationships, sex, the dangers of religion, reasonable belief and social justice. As Christians, we believe in Jesus Christ, and that the answers to all these issues are found in the Bible, but respect that others have different beliefs, and have hosted leaders of other faiths to share their views in our gatherings.

We try to be sensitive to issues that are important to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a Christian or non-Christian, and to address these issues in a manner that everyone can understand.

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team handles the strategic direction and day-to-day running of the church, mentor and help others and often preach at one of our Sunday gatherings. If you get in touch with us, you’ll probably hear from one of them first. Find out more about our leadership team.

Focused on community

Life as a Christian is about community, so we make the most of it. Beach days, barbecues, picnics, camps, or even just catching up for McDonalds after church are just a few of the regular activities we do. Life is about community, not isolation. Come along to one of our events and see what you think.