How we help

As Christians, we believe that a large part of what we do is helping others. We help by donating our time, money and other resources to help those in need. The income that we receive from our congregation, known as tithes, goes towards our running expenses as well as missionary work by various church members. In 2017-18, we’re giving away over $40 000 to help people in need.
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ Matthew 25:35-36

To give towards this life-changing work, use the link below:



goEast is a ministry with a heart for loving and outreaching to the people of Asia, and as part of its mission it funds educators and lecturers to travel to various locations in Asia to train up local leaders and Pastors to minister to their own people. goEast also puts students in Asia through college, and funds others from Australia to travel to help in areas such as medical work and building and construction.

Overseas Missionaries

There are many people around the world who need love, care and the best news there is: the gospel of Jesus Christ. Life Point has several of its members serving overseas in different contexts bringing life and hope to those around them. There’s Shayne Rochfordt in Thailand (pictured here), John Coleman in Costa Rica, Aaron and Ange Bullock in Colombia and Luke Unwin, as well as others who go on short-term trips. These guys get the opportunity to help meet the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of people much less fortunate than them all around the world.

Berachah Ministries

The Berachah Children’s Orphanage was founded in 1998 with 7 children when Indian Pastor Kiran Paul acknowledged the heart-breaking need in his community to rescue destitute and street children from moral perversion, brutal exploitation and poverty. Today, the orphanage is home to over 200 children providing 3 meals a day, education and after school tutoring, vaccinations and healthcare. The orphanage also organises foster accommodation with church families and facilitates the childhood vaccinations of the town and surrounding villages. The orphanage is a beacon of hope, a place of new beginnings and a home full of Jesus’ love. Find out more about Berachah Ministries.

Transform the Nations

Transform the Nations is an organisiation whose goal is to rescue women from the sex slave industry and provide them with education. Their work has extended to include the rescuing of discarded babies and abused children. Find out more about Transform the Nations.

Kids Hope

Kids Hope is a life changing program that gives our people an incredible opportunity to impact and serve their local community through a partnership with our local Primary School. After comprehensive training, we deploy passionate, screened and trained mentors into the school to provide one-to-one mentoring to children in need for one hour per week. Find out more about Kids Hope.

Bhutuan City, The Philippines

We have partnered with local churches in the Philippines through Compassion Australia in an area called Bhutuan City to provide essentials like food, clean water, education and vocational training to those in need. People from Life Point have now sponsored over 70 children, and on top of our church’s donations our people every give over $45,000 a year to their sponsorship children. We also send a team over every year to love and support our overseas friends in person. Find out more about Compassion Australia.

SU Chaplaincy

School can be a tough time for so many young people in this country. Bullying, anxiety, abuse, and problems at home combined with the increasing pressure of school and work makes for a volatile mix, and sometimes kids have nowhere to feel safe. We believe having chaplains in schools for pastoral care, support, spiritual guidance and just a listening ear is so vital, and it is even more effective when there is a church family supporting the service in the wings. We give over $12,000 every year across 6 local schools to help ensure chaplains can continue to bring love and grace to students in North Brisbane. Find out more about SU Chaplaincy.